Friday, May 29, 2009

GL Recap: Friday, May 29, 2009

Phillip tells Beth that Bill and Lizzie are out of jail. He also assures her that they don't have a clue that James was the one behind the ponzi scheme. Josh storms out. As he was leaving, he tells Daisy that Reva has been arrested for Edmund's murder. Marina tells Mallet, as a mother, she just cannot see how Reva would do anything to jeopardize her baby. Jeffrey tells Reva that the police have a time stamp of her and Edmund's death. Jeffrey questions Jeffrey and asks him if she's speaking to her husband or her lawyer.

Reva tells Jeffrey that she's afraid Shayne would have killed Edmund. Jeffrey wants to know why would Reva follow Edmund and just turn around.
She tells him Edmund was moved by the memory of his daughter, and she thought Shayne would have been alright. Reva tells Jeffrey that no one can about know about Shayne because he's her son.

As Marina leave the police station, Josh, Shayne and Dinah arrives.
Bill and Lizzie are having fun with bed. Phillip tells Beth he's going to take the blame for James' ponzi scheme. By taking the blame, he tells Beth he will save both of his kids. Mallet doesn't want Reva's family to go see her. Dinah persuades him to let Josh and Shayne visits Reva and he agrees to it. Marina and Daisy run into each other. Marina tells Daisy that she cannot go see Reva because Mallet wouldn't let her. Marina is not too happy when Daisy tells her that James is running the restaurant. Marina sends Daisy back to run the restaurant. Phillip tells James that he's going to take the blame for the ponzi scheme. Shayne is upset at Mallet for arresting his mother. Marina surprises Reva when she sneaks in baby Colin.

Reva is overjoyed to hold Colin. Josh tells Mallet if they knew who killed Edmund, they would have said something by now. Shayne tells Dinah that he doesn't like Mallet.
Shayne tells Dinah that he doesn't like Mallet. Phillip tells James that he expects James to do the right things from this point on. Phillip tells Daisy that James need some space right now. Phillip tells Daisy that James need some space right now. Daisy goes off on Phillip and tells him that James doesn't even like him. Bill and Lizzie invite James to their wedding.

Dinah and Shayne are arguing. Shayne tells her that he thinks she wants Reva to stay in jail. Josh tells Jeffrey to take care of Reva. Reva says goodbye to Colin. Mallet is shocked to find out that Marina brought Colin in secretly to see Reva.

Lizzie tells Phillip that James is really happy for them. Bill tells him that James is actually excited for the bachelor party.
Josh lets Daisy know that Jeffrey is with Reva. Shayne asks Dinah if she thinks he killed Edmund. Dinah tells him that she will always put him first. At the police station, Mallet is still angry at Marina. Mallet tells her that he wants to make Reva miserable. This way, if she isn't the killer, the killer will most likely turn him/herself in.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

GL Recap: Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marina wishes Mallet wasn't assigned to Edmund's case because she would like to spend some quality time with him. Jeffrey is impressed when Reva makes him breakfast. As soon as Jeffrey steps outside, he makes a phone call to someone. Dinah congratulates Remy on his new job. Rafe tells Natalia that she doesn't need to worry about him because he can take care of himself. Emma draws a picture of the farmhouse, and she writes "home" on it. She then asks Olivia if she can still call Rafe her "brother," now that he's no longer in prison. She tells her yes. Emma would like it if Olivia and her can go to visit Rafe and Natalia.

Dinah tells Mallet if anyone can solve Edmund's murder mystery, it's him. Mallet tells Dinah that Shayne is not on top of his list. Reva holds a picture of her, Jeffrey and baby Colin; she says that they will never have to worry about Edmund anymore because he's dead. Jeffrey stops by at Cedars to talk to Lilian about Reva. He tells her that Reva is too calm and it scares him.
He would like to have his "firecracker" woman back. Lilian tells Jeffrey that he should tell Reva how much she means to him and how beautiful she is. Remy's family and friends show up to support him on his first day as a police officer. Remy tells Dinah that he doesn't know if he could do this because he has the stolen diamonds in his pocket. She tells him not worry about it and he should be the hero that he is. Remy takes the police officer oath. Natalia tells Olivia she's happy that her son is, but he will have to adjust to some things. Olivia says that Emma can cheer him up or Natalia can tell him about her relationship with Olivia.

Olivia shows Natalia Emma's artwork of her "home." Natalia doesn't know how they are going to explain to Emma about them. Olivia tells her they can start with Emma's "My Two Mommies" essay. A sad and devastated Emma runs into her mother's arm in tears and tells her that Rafe told her to leave him alone. Once again, Marina is not happy that Mallet has to run off to work. Jeffrey return home and tells Reva that someone told him he should tell her he loves her more. Reva tells him to stop telling him how wonderful she is and just show her. The happy couple shares a passionate kiss.

Frank shows up and tells Emma that Rafe called her. Frank tells Natalia he was surprised that Natalia did not show up to show her support for Remy. Remy, his friends and family are having fun playing a game of baseball. Mallet continues to investigate Edmund's murder. Reva and Jeffrey are in bed together.
She tells him that he can eat the left over Chinese food, or he can make sweet, passionate love to her. He chooses to make love to her.

Natalia is pleased to have Frank around with Rafe. She tells Olivia that she's not ready to tell Rafe about them right now. Frank would like Rafe to have back Gus' badge. Clayton gets an important phone call. Remy watches him closely. Mallet shows up at Reva and Jeffery's place. Reva is arrested for the murder of Edmund Winslow.

Remy hears his dad talking to someone on the phone and he wants to know what's really going on. Clayton tells him that the bank wants $35,000. Remy tells him he's going to fix it. All of Springfield watches as Reva is taken to the police station. Olivia and Emma leave to go home. Marina tells Mallet that Reva is their friend. Mallet tells her that Reva lied about seeing Edmund and that's enough to lock her up. Jeffrey shows up and he would like to see Reva. Jeffrey tells Reva that he's pissed at her because she lied to him.

On the next GL:
  • Is Rafe applying for a job as a cop?
  • Reva tells Jeffrey that she had to follow Edmund because she wanted to protect Shayne.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GL Recap: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phillip gives James a phone call. Alan tells Phillip that he's making it sound like everything is alright. James and Daisy are talking. Their conversation is soon interrupted when James receives Phillip's message. Olivia reminds Natalia that she doesn't need to worry about what the staff thinks. Natalia is excited to have Rafe back after so many months of absence. Olivia tells Natalia she's excited too. Daisy tells James he can't be a Spaulding and an artist. James paints a nice picture and shows it to Daisy. At the police station, Bill and Lizzie are thrown into a cell together.
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Olivia is surprised to see Frank. She tells him that she and Natalia are grateful for what he did for Rafe. Natalia tells Rafe she can see if she can get him a job at the Beacon. Alan is not too happy when Phillip calls him a snake. Phillip tells Alan that this ponzi scheme can ruin James' life if he's sent to prison.
Phillip tells Alan he can be the hero now and hand over the money, so he can save James. James receives another phone call from Phillip. Phillip tells him that he had to tell Alan the truth. In jail, Bill and Lizzie are arguing about the ponzi scheme. Lizzie would like to use her phone call, but it seems as if she's being ignored.

At the court house, the Judge is not too happy with Rafe's record. Natalia tells the judge that she has a job now and a stable family. Frank tells Buzz he's not going to Rafe's hearing. An angry Frank yells at Buzz. Daisy tells James that Alan is going to ruin him. James tells her for the first time in his life, his father will help him. Phillip tells Alan he's a different man now. Lizzie calls Phillip and tells him that she and Bill are in a Chicago prison. Phillip leaves to go be with Lizzie.

The judge would like for Rafe to have a good male role model in the life. Frank shows up and saves the day for Rafe and his family. Alan tells James his father left to be with Lizzie. Phillip arrives at the Chicago prison, and he's ready to save Bill and Lizzie.

With Frank showing up as Rafe's male role model, Rafe is now a free man. An excited Rafe hug Frank and thank him. Buzz sees Daisy with art supplies. She tells him James is the artist, and not her. She then shows him a picture that James drew of her. Alan is trying to make James think negative of Phillip, since he ran off to be with Lizzie. Alan tells James that although Phillip loves him, he will always choose Lizzie. The detective doesn't want to release Bill and Lizzie, but Phillip is able to talk him into releasing them.

Olivia asks Frank why he decided to come to Rafe's hearing. He tells her he was dropping off some paper work, and he thought he should pop in. Frank watches as Olivia and Natalia share a huge. Rafe and Natalia leave the courtroom together. Olivia tells Frank that what he did for Rafe and Natalia, was nice. Bill and Lizzie are finally released from the prison. Alan tells James that he's impressed with what he's done. Phillip calls James but, James ignores him.

On the next GL:
  • Natalia tells Olivia that now is the perfect time to tell them[their loved ones] about their relationship.
  • Bill and Lizzie are in bed together.
  • Phillip thinks he should spend some time behind bars.