Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GL Recap: Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Phillip gives James a phone call. Alan tells Phillip that he's making it sound like everything is alright. James and Daisy are talking. Their conversation is soon interrupted when James receives Phillip's message. Olivia reminds Natalia that she doesn't need to worry about what the staff thinks. Natalia is excited to have Rafe back after so many months of absence. Olivia tells Natalia she's excited too. Daisy tells James he can't be a Spaulding and an artist. James paints a nice picture and shows it to Daisy. At the police station, Bill and Lizzie are thrown into a cell together.
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Olivia is surprised to see Frank. She tells him that she and Natalia are grateful for what he did for Rafe. Natalia tells Rafe she can see if she can get him a job at the Beacon. Alan is not too happy when Phillip calls him a snake. Phillip tells Alan that this ponzi scheme can ruin James' life if he's sent to prison.
Phillip tells Alan he can be the hero now and hand over the money, so he can save James. James receives another phone call from Phillip. Phillip tells him that he had to tell Alan the truth. In jail, Bill and Lizzie are arguing about the ponzi scheme. Lizzie would like to use her phone call, but it seems as if she's being ignored.

At the court house, the Judge is not too happy with Rafe's record. Natalia tells the judge that she has a job now and a stable family. Frank tells Buzz he's not going to Rafe's hearing. An angry Frank yells at Buzz. Daisy tells James that Alan is going to ruin him. James tells her for the first time in his life, his father will help him. Phillip tells Alan he's a different man now. Lizzie calls Phillip and tells him that she and Bill are in a Chicago prison. Phillip leaves to go be with Lizzie.

The judge would like for Rafe to have a good male role model in the life. Frank shows up and saves the day for Rafe and his family. Alan tells James his father left to be with Lizzie. Phillip arrives at the Chicago prison, and he's ready to save Bill and Lizzie.

With Frank showing up as Rafe's male role model, Rafe is now a free man. An excited Rafe hug Frank and thank him. Buzz sees Daisy with art supplies. She tells him James is the artist, and not her. She then shows him a picture that James drew of her. Alan is trying to make James think negative of Phillip, since he ran off to be with Lizzie. Alan tells James that although Phillip loves him, he will always choose Lizzie. The detective doesn't want to release Bill and Lizzie, but Phillip is able to talk him into releasing them.

Olivia asks Frank why he decided to come to Rafe's hearing. He tells her he was dropping off some paper work, and he thought he should pop in. Frank watches as Olivia and Natalia share a huge. Rafe and Natalia leave the courtroom together. Olivia tells Frank that what he did for Rafe and Natalia, was nice. Bill and Lizzie are finally released from the prison. Alan tells James that he's impressed with what he's done. Phillip calls James but, James ignores him.

On the next GL:
  • Natalia tells Olivia that now is the perfect time to tell them[their loved ones] about their relationship.
  • Bill and Lizzie are in bed together.
  • Phillip thinks he should spend some time behind bars.

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