Saturday, February 28, 2009

GL - Thoughts on the February 23 episode.

The February 23rd, 2009 episode of CBS' Guiding Light was so horrible that I had to re-watched it and comment on it.

At Coop's funeral, we see everyone arguing with Alan because he showed up knowing damn well he's not wanted there. Then the stupidity begun - Phillip thinking he can shut them all up, he pulls out a gun from a cop's waist and fires it. First of all, I wasn't born on planet stupid. How in the world did the gun came out so easy? Aren't cop's gun locked with something when they are carrying it on their waist? Did I mentioned that was the lamest gun shot I've ever heard? And why did the cop fell on his butt? You mean to tell me you can pull a gun out from someones waist and they will FALL? Phillip didn't even pushed the cop so that didn't make sense. Another reason why I think the GL production team are all on crack! How can you get out of jail? Phillip said he made a "deal" to get out for one day. Is that possible? Thank God I don't live in Springfield!

Why on earth would you let someone interrupt your son's funeral? I cannot believe Buzz is letting Phillip explaining why he went insane. This is your son's FUNERAL!!! The GL writing team is BEYOND pathetic! Couldn't they write a decent funeral? They just had to bring in a lunatic to make it look "dramatic?"

What is up with Lizzie vacationing next to all those coffins? I couldn't help but to think that the two open coffins will be GL and Ellen Wheeler in there when April comes. Meaning, the show will be cancelled and Ellen and her hooligans will be unemployed. Of course we all know who will be responsible for that! I am sick and tired of those stupid background musics!! If you can't afford real music, don't play any at all. People often said how Passions was a horrible soap and the writing was just a mess. As a Passions fan, I can tell you Passions was way better than GL is right now. No matter how shitty the writing was, I kept tuning in because I was glued to the show. With GL's writing, everything suck. There is no real drama, no romance, no nothing. There is nothing but TRASH! No wonder I'm only tuning in whenever I want to.

Ashlee confessing to Daisy that she has a crush on Grady was so random. LOL! I refuse to waste my time and comment on the other stupidity that took place this week on GL. It's a shame I have to watch a show I love go down the gutter. Shame on CBS, P&G, Ellen Wheeler and company. If it were up to me, the first thing I would do, FIRE all those writers. You call them writers? I call them hacks! I'm also tired of those jumping cameras. No wonder GL does better in California than it does in New York. We're just not used to having earthquakes! It would have been better if we didn't see what were in those boxes when everyone was leaving Company. Some of the stuff looked like junk you would see on the streets of Newark, NJ.

On a positive note, I would like to congratulate Justin Deas(Buzz) and Beth Chamberlin(Beth) on their excellent acting. Both has been putting energy into GL for weeks now. Thanks guys! It's a shame Kim Zimmer is on once in a blue moon. I'm loving the epic love story between Olivia and Natalia. I just cannot get enough of these two. Honestly, I've never seen a love story written like this on any soaps(I watch British soaps too) before. Whoever is writing for Olivia and Natalia, they should try and see if they can write for others too. Every GL fan know they are two different writing teams writing show the. I'm pretty sure the only reason why I enjoyed last week's show was because Jill Lorie Hurst wrote it. What we saw on Monday was so David Kreizman. As a matter of fact, GL was horrible this week.

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